les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

pumpkin patch

we had our first experience at a pumpkin patch with our new friends chelsea and forman. this was at hee-haw farms in pleasant grove. first we stopped at chubby's in pg for one of my fave burgers (and beer-battered fries) i've ever had. mushroom swiss bbq bacon burger... hello! i'm not a big burger person but at chubby's? i might become a serious fatty if we lived any closer.

oh my GOSH a pumpkin patch

so we get to the farm and took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. the pumpkins were pretty picked through so eddy and i didn't end up getting one. losers! we did, however, get to walk around in the dark in a corn maze and eddy held a bunny that then immediately clawed him; so i would say that it was a very successful pumpkin patch experience. haha but seriously, we did have a lot of fun. afterwards we went back to our friends house and drank hot choc and ate brownies. apparently chelsea is a hc nut and seriously had more flavor options to choose from than what anyone would classify as normal.

our bumpy hayride - hence the blurriness

kirby's first birthday!

who would have thought that getting a kitten would be such a life change. not only in how much i have to clean and de-fur the house and furniture but also in the depth of love in my being. yes, this will be one of those posts. i seriously can just hold kirby forever. he is my first baby and i honestly view him that way. at a time i needed some sunshine in my life the most, he joined our family. i believe it was fate that we found him.

he likes to act grumpy and indifferent but that is just his cool and calm exterior.
he loves his maw-maw and dad (but mostly maw-maw).
he loves his scratches.
he loves being held a certain way.
he hates bathtime.
he loves the laser pointer and wand toys.
he meows when he wants to be held or wants a "treat" (his food being hand-fed to him).
he hates having his eyes cleaned.
he hates the vet.
he loves playing and wrestling with his brother.
he loves sitting in his favorite spot on the couch.
he loves to follow mom around.
he loves his morning pets from dad.
he hates driving in the car.
he loves being carried around.
he has a deep, gentle pur.
he loves pumpkin.
he loves giving his brother kitty-massages and licks.
he likes to sleep on the edge of the bed next to mom's legs at night.
he likes to sleep all day and then go crazy and hyper at night with his brother.
he likes to put his paws up on your leg and stretch (sometimes clawing your clothing).
he loves small spaces and going anywhere he shouldn't be.
he loves his scratch post.
he hates laying on his back.
he likes sitting on the edge of the tub when mom is taking a bath.
he loves the little cranny above his nose being rubbed.

kirby might be the most handsome and regal cat i've ever seen. he brings so much happiness to my life and my heart aches at how much i love him! happy birthday little boy!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

adventures in volleyball

i've been playing on a women's 6s team at jl sorenson rec center in herriman for the past couple seasons. this last team was the bomb! my team-mates were tina and megan (who i already knew), and amy, kalo, and talita. took the first week to figure ourselves out but after that it was pretty smooth sailing and we won about 3/4 of our games. a definite improvement from the last team when we would win 1/6. i do miss playing with ya kelly! haha. so i've been having fun playing and have been getting better and am getting into my volleyball groove.

tina, megan, and myself entered and took 3rd in a women's 3s uova outdoor tournament. i don't like all the extra rules that go along with it even though i understand why they are there. there's something about the structure of women's 6s that i just really like so 3s was quite the adjustment. although there were things i didn't like, i did have fun mainly cause i was playing with friends. will i play in an outdoor tournament again? never say never. we'll see if i cross that bridge again. :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

cabin: family pictures

here are a few of the family pictures taken today at the cabin. we had a great time!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

hicken haven

we came up here as a family a few times as a child and this place just oozes of amazing memories! some not so good memories too (like slivers and fat lips and scary outhouses)! we were invited to use the cabin just for our family and we were all so excited. just being up there and how cozy it is, the smell of the great outdoors, and fourwheeling... well let's just say it got me and eddy thinking that we want to buy a cabin. maybe in a few years. :)

we relaxed, played games, rode the four-wheelers, shot guns, explored, sat around the campfire, ate good food, watched movies, talked, and laughed. the perfect weekend getaway in my opinion! we had so much fun i can't wait to do it again someday. love my family!  

the original 5

Saturday, September 14, 2013

2013 utah state fair

always necessary trip to the state fair was completed this year. we went with our friends brian and mary. it was a whirlwind of walking around and looking at the booths, the exhibits, the animals, the produce, and inhaling eddy's favorite annual snack: a strawberry-topped and cheesecake-filled scone! also we had yummy corndogs but they were missing honey! :) we walked around critiquing the art exhibits because we considered ourselves more than qualified to judge them... and we may have spent a little too much time at the vitamix booth being fed smoothies and soup and more. yum! free food for the win!

every animal i approached to take a picture may or may not have tried to attack me. i'm not sure what it was but they would all charge at me! it was actually pretty frightening (while also being funny).